take every chance, drop every fear
Jessica, twenty-two, single, ginger, university student, Canadian, pierced, inked, awkward, loner, lover of cats.

Things that make me happy:
summer nights, cats, tattoos, piercings, indie music, scary movies, freezies, naps, pillows, vodka, beer, football, volleyball, hockey, Harry Styles, Halloween, Harry Potter marathons, juice boxes, pulled pork nachos, cuddling, thunderstorms, long car rides, laughing at children, movie popcorn, earl grey tea, pretty flowers, my mother's laugh.

I’ve always wondered how my “nothing lasts forever” tattoo is going to look in a wedding dress…

knowing your being pushed away by someone who actually became really important to you, and not being able to do anything about it..  really fucking sucks. 

This is how bored I am..

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so many good things happened to me today,

yet i am sad.


Tonight sucks. Not only do I live with a couple; leaving me with a constant reminder that I’m single; but my other roommate’s boyfriend just drove 2 hours here to surprise her. It’s nights like these that remind me just how lonely I really am.

guys, I’m being a fucking unicorn for Halloween. no seriously. I bought a unicorn costume. 

When someone tells me they miss me, and I tell them I miss them back; 90% of the time I’m lying. 



this is huge news. huge! I’m not used to this. Give my brain a minute to catch up.

I have my next tattoo all planned out…. now all I need is money for it. it’s pretty big, so it’s going to be expensive :( GIVE ME MONEYS PLS 

Things I need:

  • new clothes
  • a new jacket
  • scarves. lots and lots of scarves
  • new shoes / new winter & rain boots
  • textbooks for school
  • new binders, printer ink, all other school supplies
  • food once I move back to Guelph
  • cat food & cat litter
  • new tattoo (optional) 

things I have

  • 0 dollars

so I was in Cosco today, right? and I saw the biggest box of condoms you can imagine, and it made me sad because I would never need to buy that box of condoms :( 

Don’t text me, you aren’t worth my time.

what’s sad, is that at the end of the day.. I’m only mad at myself.

Passenger is playing in Toronto tonight, and I’m not going :( :( :( 


what sucks the most about you lying to me, was the fact that I chose to trust you; even after all the shit you put me through last year, I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you wouldn’t hurt me again. When you told me I shouldn’t worry because the two of you were “just friends’, I believed you, because ‘why would he lie to me?’.. What sucks even more than the lies, is the fact that I can pin-point the exact moment I knew I loved you. I’m so stupid for falling for the same shit you pulled on me before.